Terms of service for the hosted compiler for Æternity Blockchain

Sophia compiler is part of the Software Development Kit (SDK) and used to create applications by developers from source code files. For this purpose, by using the services provided by Æternity, Developers agree that the company may store and publish the source code of every compilation including but not limited to successfully passed ones under the ISC license on a royalty-free basis with the purpose of incorporation of the source code in a contracts library in its own estimation.

The authorization shall be considered as a perpetual royalty free software license granted to Æternity, which includes reproduction, modifications, improvements, independent use, distribution of the source codes among unlimited number of persons and any other economic copyrights, which do not limit in any way the moral rights of developers over the source codes.

The license shall be granted for indefinite period of time unless a limitation of the time period is provided otherwise by applicable legislation.

Under ISC open-source license, Æternity has the right to use, copy, modify and distribute the source codes for any purpose with or without fee. The license only requires preservation of copyright and license notices. The purpose of the contract library is to provide a secure smart contract development.

Æternity is not liable in any way for the diffusion and public access to the contracts library and the corresponding source code files amended and modified by developers due to the open-source character of the software.